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    1. Getting Started
    2. Creating Movies
    3. Leaving Comments
    4. Ratings
    5. Points
    6. Favourites
  2. Getting Started Top

    1. What's this all about?

      On you create your own endings to one of our story starters. You may also create your stories from scratch. The Zimmer Twins at School website is meant to be used with your teacher. Ask your teacher to get involved and set up a class account. Then put on your director's hat and share movies with your friends at school!

    2. Who are the Zimmer Twins?

      Edgar and Eva Zimmer are ordinary 12 year-olds except for one thing - they have psychic powers. They weren't always psychic though. The weirdness began when they adopted a black cat named 13. From that point on, strange things began to happen. How strange? Well, watch some of the starters and you'll get the idea.

    3. Can I join this site myself?

      Zimmer Twins at School is a website that you join with your teacher.

      If you’d like to join on your own check out our main website,

      When you join with your teacher, you can make and save movies, you can also rate movies. If your teacher sets them up, you can take part in class polls and respond to blog posts.

    4. What is a VIP?

      There are two kinds of members, free and VIP. VIP members can do a few more things than regular members. For example a VIP member can make as many movies as they want. While free members are limited to 12 between all the members of their group. Your teacher will decide whether your class needs VIP memberships or not.

    5. How do I log into the site?

      Your teacher will give you a username and password. Type these in on the green sidebar. It is always a good idea to keep your password a secret. That way only you can edit your movies.

    6. I forgot my login or my password.

      Forgot your password? No problem. Just ask your teacher. Make sure to write it down somewhere safe. But remember, don’t share your password with your friends.

    7. How can I tell if I'm logged in?

      When you're logged in, your nickname appears in the green sidebar on the left-hand side of every page.

    8. Logging out of the site

      When you are finished making the greatest movie in the world don’t forget to log out. Click the Logout button on the green sidebar. You are logged out when you can’t see your name in the green sidebar anymore. If you forget to logout, someone else can use your account and change your movies. If you see an account open that isn’t yours the right thing to do is Logout of the account.

  3. Creating Movies Top

    1. How do I make movies?

      Watch the tutorial on how to make a movie. Or get started right away. Choose Make A Movie from the top green sidebar actions.

    2. How do I edit my movie?

      Only VIP members can edit movies. If you are a free member, ask your teacher to delete your movie. Then you can make a new one. For VIP users, go to My Movies, and choose the movie you want to edit. Click the edit button, and when you see the timeline, make your changes.

    3. How do I delete my movie?

      If you are a VIP user, you can edit and delete your own movies. If you are a free member who wants to delete a movie, tell your teacher. They will do this for you.

  4. Leaving Comments Top

    1. How do I leave comments?

      Free members can choose from a list of already written comments. After you watch any movie, look UNDERNEATH the movie for the comment box. VIP members can write their own message in the comment box. Be thoughtful when you write your message. Messages cannot be erased, and everyone can see them.

    2. How many comments can I leave?

      Sharing comments is an important job. The website will only let you write one comment every 30 seconds. If you write comments too fast, the computer will make you wait to write another. Take your time and write comments that are well thought out.

    3. Can I erase my comments?

      Students cannot erase comments. Only teachers can erase comments. Think carefully about what you say. Your name is on each comment you type. Read the Code of Conduct to make sure you know what is allowed on the site.

  5. Ratings Top

    1. What's a rating?

      Members can rate movies on a scale of 1 to 5.

      Best of the best!
      Really good!
      Getting better!
      Keep practicing!
      Needs some work.

      Ratings give members an idea of how popular their movies are (but remember - popularity isn't everything!).

    2. How do I rate something?

      Just click on the rating paws on the movie's page.

    3. My movies are being rated very low, what can I do?

      Remember that ratings aren't really important. If you want to improve your movie ratings, simply create a new, hold-on-to-your-hat-Steven-Spielberg movie and you should see your ratings go through the roof!

    4. How are ratings calculated? What do they mean?

      The rating displayed beside a movie is the average of all the ratings given by members. Ratings are only calculated when a few members have rated a movie.

  6. Points Top

    1. What are points?

      Points are a quick way to tell how much a member participates on the Zimmer Twins. The more movies and comments a member makes, the more points they earn. You can see a member's points meter beside their nickname on their movies and comments, or you can see a member's tagline and how many points they have at the top of their movies page.

    2. How do I earn points?

      You can earn points by making movies and leaving comments — the more stuff you make, the more points you'll earn! You can see your tagline and how many points you have at the top of your my movies page.

    3. How do I get a new tagline?

      When you earn enough points, you'll get a new tagline and an extra bar on the points meter that shows up beside your nickname.

      Tagline Points Meter
      Certified Spoon Bender 2500
      Competent Clarivoyant 1000
      Amateur Astrologer 500
      Faux Fortune Teller 250
      Ouija Board Operator 100
      Psychic Trainee 0
  7. favorites Top

    1. What's a favorite?

      Your favorites are a list of the movies you have selected as your favorite movies on the site. By adding a movie to your favorites list, you can quickly find it again by clicking on the my favorites button on any page.

    2. How do I add a movie to my favorites?

      Click the favorite button on the page containing the movie you like.

    3. How do I remove a movie from my favorites?

      Click on the favorite button on the page containing the movie.